Salt and Light Update – 04/20/20

Be Salt and Light to the World!

Responding to Pastor Kent’s prophetic sermon about resisting evil, injustice and oppression, a group of FUMC members are putting that into practice! We are calling our witness Salt and Light inspired by the passage Kent preached on from Matthew 5 about being the salt and light of the world. Presently we are focusing on two efforts:

1) phone banking to encourage underrepresented segments of the population to complete the census. The census determines federal monies to states for such things as roads, health care, schools and food programs as well as determines the number of representatives in congress. The Salt and Light Core Team has ongoing opportunities to train folks in calling.

2)Influence public opinion and our elected leaders by submitting letters to the editor. A word from member Susan Haskell, “Have you taken your pulse or blood pressure lately? A little bit anxious about what is happening in our state, nation, and world? You can vent some of that frustration. I, and a group of others at FUMC’s Salt and Light Letters to the Editor team, are acting by writing letters for the Public Pulse section of the Omaha World Herald. I invite you to be a part of this action by writing your own letters. To submit online go to:”

Later we will be working to get out the vote. If you are concerned about the state of our democracy and would like to join this effort, you will receive action ideas (no more than one email per week) to help you be salt and light. For more information email: