LGBTQI Advocacy

“We welcome and celebrate the diversity of God’s children.”

– Vision Focus, First United Methodist Church-Omaha

Inclusiveness Team

Inclusiveness Team – The Inclusiveness Team helps in challenging the larger United Methodist Church to be more just and faithful. The team also organizes support in community events such as the Heartland Pride Parade and Festival.

First United Methodist Church is proud to be part of a network of Omaha Inclusive Methodist Churches.

We are in partnership with Equal Nebraska and Equal Omaha working for implementation of anti-discrimination policies which provide justice for all persons regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

Reconciling Ministries Network – Since 2000, we have supported the mission of Reconciling Ministry Network working for full inclusion of all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity within the United Methodist Church. Reconciling Ministries Network is committed to reconciliation that leads to the healing and transformation of animosity into a loving relationship amongst all God’s children. Authentic reconciliation requires peace with justice.

Pride Prom – First United Methodist Church is proud to host this annual Pride event.

LGBTQI Advocacy & Response

Sometimes, we encounter people who believe that homosexuality is wrong because they “heard it in the Bible”. They might be our friends, our family, or someone we meet while in line for coffee. Former Senior Pastor of FUMC, Dr. Jane Florence, discusses these misconceptions and sheds some light on the scriptures that these people often reference.